Thursday, November 5, 2020

Create Veterans Day Buncee Cards With Your Students Too!

Our students at Van Meter always make special cards and messages for the veterans within our community and throughout Iowa.  This year, our students are creating them using Buncee too. 

For this project, I put together the Create a Veterans Day Buncee Card slide with the three steps they will take and words that will help them with their search and writing. 

You will find a copy of this Google Slide here where you can copy and make changes.

I included the image and link to an example that I created in Buncee.

Let me show you the steps in creating Veterans Day Buncee Cards so you can do it with your students and community too. 
When you login to Buncee and click on Create a New Buncee, you will see several new templates for Veterans Day including...

...the three of these that make such special Veterans Day Buncee cards like...

..this one here. 

As they take the templates, or use others, they can add...
...several new Veterans Day stickers too. 
Our students loved using these... they create beautiful cards for the veterans. 

As our students create and finish their Veterans Day Buncee Cards, they are adding them to one big Buncee Board we will share with the veterans. 
The veterans will be able to read and listen to all of the amazing cards our students and teachers are creating. 

They can even add comments and mark them with emojis which our kids will love to see. 
We wish we could honor them in person as we have done every year in the past, but by creating the Veterans Day Buncee Cards, our community was able to say thank you to veterans in a very creative, interactive and special way. 

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