Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Our Elementary Library Lesson Choice Boards For Rotation #3.5 November, Are Here!

Since Rotation 3 landed in the middle of Halloween and November activities, I have made a new set of slides for Rotation 3.5 November. That means a new round of activities that focus around literacy, new technology tools and experiences, making and lots of fun. 

Back in September, I wrote about how we are using Google Slides to create lessons in a choice board format to make it handy for all students to access and use the materials and links included on each. You can read the first post here.

I wanted to share Rotation #3.5 November with all of you.  Just a note...I did take out any links specific to my students, but you can create your own and add them to the Google Slides if you make a copy for yourself. 

You can access it as students would here.   You can make a copy to edit here.
During this rotation, you will find the Halloween Choice Board, crafts and read alouds for our littles, BreakoutEDU, QuiverAR, Buncee, Keva Planks, Our Virtual Makerspace Choice Board and more. 
You will find the Let's Make A Can-You-Find-It Buncee activity in the slides for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.  You can do this activity using Google Slides too. 
I hope you find these useful.  I sure have fun creating them and can't wait to start sharing with our students today. 

Have a wonderful November with your students, friends. 

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