Thursday, November 12, 2020

8 Creative Coding Projects Using Buncee and Capstone Connect....Watch The Recording To This Capstone Connect + Buncee Webinar Here

If you missed the Capstone Connect + Buncee webinar this week, the recording is up and the resources are available. 
It was so much fun to present with these friends from Capstone and Buncee. 

I loved this webinar as we showed how Buncee can be used with Capstone Connect in so many different ways.
In fact, I shared 8 creative coding projects using Buncee and Capstone including...
And my friends from Capstone, Bryan and Angie, showed the new Capstone Connect and how it works in finding...

...specific eBooks, PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next and teaching materials around various topics, and...

..the standards search that is tied to our state and subject area. 
Eda from Buncee shared how to use Buncee in the eight coding projects I shared and... 
..showed us how easy, engaging and fun it is to use this amazing digital tool in so many different ways with all ages. 

You will find the recording and transcripts here, friends. 

And don't miss my upcoming blog post where I share more about how to use Capstone Connect with Buncee, Google Classroom, Ozobot, Merge, Tinkercad and other tools, projects and collaborations too. 

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