Sunday, November 29, 2020

Choice Board Posters....Makes Them Easy To Access Anywhere By All Learners, Teachers and Families

To make it easy for our students to get to all of the different choice boards and resources throughout the month, I pull them together onto a choice board poster with links and QR codes.  

This can be used as a choice board electronically by sharing with students, at school or remotely.  All of the choice boards and QR codes are hyperlinked so they can click on them to access easily. 
For our younger learners who use iPads, we print the slide like a small poster (usually in black and white) so they can scan any of the QR codes to get to the choice boards.

The choice board posters are really handy for our students and families to use at home with any device too. This would be a great thing to bring along in the car or to use on-the-go.  
For our December choice board poster, I brought together Our Coding Choice Boards, 
our December Choice Board, and...
...Our Holiday Choice Boards Collection. 

I love how bringing resources together in one place make learning anywhere, anytime super easy and accessible in a variety of ways for all learners.  

You will find the December Choice Boards poster to share with your students here.   And if you would like to make changes, you will find the editable slide here too

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