Sunday, November 15, 2020

Connecting Students Directly To PebbleGo Articles & eBooks With Capstone Connect & More!

When I create choice boards, I include a lot of links from Capstone's PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next.  

There are a few ways to direct students to the articles within PebbleGo. 

First of all, we use the new Capstone Connect which makes it super easy to include direct links to any PebbleGo article or Capstone Interactive eBooks.  

Today, as I worked on the holiday choice board collection, I went to Capstone Connect and searched each topic under the Title Search. 
For example, when I searched Hanukkah, an PebbleGo article and eBook about Hanukkah came up under Results

Next to each, there is a button that says...
...Copy Link. You just click on that and it copies the direct link to that specific resource.  I take that copied link and...
...go to the resource in the choice board.  I click on the image, then on the hyperlink button.   The link window pops up which allows me to then paste that link I copied from the resource in Capstone Connect. 

Capstone Connect has changed the way we collaborate, plan and share resources with our students at school and virtually. I use it every day for so many different things and it has made everything so much easier for me as a teacher librarian, and for our teachers as they plan, collaborate and teach too. 
Watch this video to find out more about Capstone Connect.  
You will also find more information about Capstone Connect here.

Another little trick in PebbleGo is to login as the administrator to get the auto login link to PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. 

To login as the administrator, add admin to the end of each your username and password.

It will take you in the Admin Tool within PebbleGo.

Under Login info, grab the Auto Login Link to either PebbleGo or PebbleGo Next.  With that link, students will log directly into PebbleGo or PebbleGo Next. 

I share the link in their Google Classrooms or make a QR code for them to scan, so they can bookmark our PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. This will take them directly to PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next all year long.

As beginning researchers and readers using PebbleGo,

this step gives them confidence in the ability to get to everything in PebbleGo themselves where...

 ...they can search the different PebbleGo modules to find...

 ...what they are interested in learning more about and specific articles their teachers ask them to read too.  

And the last little tip is really easy. 

For the PebbleGo articles within the choice boards, I go to that specific article and grab the URL.  Again, I paste that into the image within the choice board. 
When they click on it, it prompts them to login to PebbleGo.  Once they are logged in (which if they have been to PebbleGo before, it will give them a choice for username and password), 
it will take them directly to that article.  

As you can see, we can always find a way for our students to be successful at logging in and searching for an article they might need or for something they are interested in researching.  

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