Wednesday, June 10, 2020

It's Time For The Buncee Summer Challenge!

My niece, Riley, is visiting us this week so we are staying busy doing fun activities together. 

Today, we were excited to kick off a new one that we could do together and share all summer long. 
It's the Buncee Summer Challenge and WOW, is it awesome! 

Tune in with the Buncee team on Twitter to participate in the #BunceeSummerChallenge! Every day at 11AM ET, we’ll be sharing a new activity to keep your creativity in tip-top shape. As a bonus, you can add your finished Buncees to our Buncee Summer Challenge Board!
Throughout the summer from June 1 through August 14, there will be six different themes including Neighborhood Week, Reading and Vocabulary, Health, Create Your Own, STEM and History.
This morning when we saw the daily tweet at #BunceeSummerChallenge, Riley and I knew we wanted to give todays Buncee Summer Daily Challenge a try too. 
We clicked on the block for Wednesday, and it took us to....
 ...the National Park Project Buncee.  Once you are there, you can... on Copy to make a copy of the Buncee into your account. 
From there, click on Edit to open it up to create your very own Buncee Summer Challenge project. 
 There are several pages for students to fill with stickers, animations, photos, information and more.
I love how interactive, engaging and fun the Buncee projects are making this a summer project everyone will love.
When you, and your students or family, are finished don't forget to share your Buncee to the #BunceeSummerChallenge Buncee Board found here

I can't wait to see what my students and families create.  Riley and I are excited to participate and create in the Buncee Summer Challenge too! 

To learn more and check out the resources yourself, visit the Buncee Blog here

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