Friday, June 21, 2019

PLAYLISTS....A Total Game Changer On How Resources Are Shared In Collections By Destiny

Yesterday I had a collaboration meeting with my friends and colleagues, Megan and Quin, as we talked and brainstormed about the instructional technology plans for the upcoming school year.  We are excited to work on this throughout the summer and roll it out to our teachers during back-to-school time in August.

A big part of this plan is the way we will be curating and sharing the different instructional technology tools, apps, resources and project ideas.  We want to build a place that is easy for everyone to use and robust enough to bring everything together in one spot.
As we build this out, Collections by Follett Destiny will be a big part of this work.

Last year within Collections, I created a Collection Set of Resources For Van Meter of lots of different Collections that held resources including Comic Creators and Resources, Digital Storytelling Tools and Resources, Fonts and Lettering, and Creating Animated GIF's. 

When we go to present these to our staff, and even our students, Follett has added something recently that will make this super easy and awesome!

They are called....
Let me show you how to create a Playlist! 
In a Collection, you click on the brownish orange circle with the + sign in the right hand corner.  It is circled in the picture above too.
You then click on Playlist and...
 ...add a title for your Playlist. 
 It lets you drag....
 ...or select the items to add to the Playlist. 
 They fill in the Playlist as you move them.
 You can also edit and even.... on the three little dots to...
 ...make a Copy, Delete or Play.  This is the button you click on to actually Play the Collection.
So, with the Digital Storytelling Tools and Resources Collection Playlist, you will find every site, library book or eResource, database, OER resource, or other online resource that I find, on this site and ready to share within our community.
When I click on Play, it brings up the screen above and lets me click through all 8 of the resources that I have added to the Playlist. 
The Playlist is then stored in that specific Collection,
which I can access anytime and refer anyone to as well.  

As you can see, Playlists are a game changer for what we do as Future Ready Librarians as we curate resources, empower students as creators, lead from the library and so many other things.  

Give Playlists a try...I know you will see them as a game changer within your library, classrooms and school community too! 

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