Thursday, January 11, 2018 Unique Word Clouds For So Many Things!

Last week, I shared how much I love creating and finding unique word clouds.  
I shared how I used in my New Year's post, One Word Can Change The World! What Is Your #OneWord For 2018.  

I then wrote about using  You can read this post here

When I posted it in the Future Ready Librarians Facebook Group
Gaelyn Byrnes Jenkins shared another amazing word cloud creator and an example from her library.
She shared that she loved using 

In fact, she used it a few months ago to make new genre signs for their library....the one posted above for Sports.  

I just LOVE this genre sign.
Then Jennifer Flaherty Bishop shared how she used for taking the notes from a meeting and creating a cloud.  I love this idea too! 

The one above she created from the AASL Learner Framework pamphlet and....
this one from a coaching meeting's minutes.  How cool is that! 
Now I really couldn't wait to check out for myself. 

From the home page, I clicked on Create Now and it took me into....
the page to create a word cloud. 

The first thing I did was input the words I wanted to use. 
I thought of words that described the trip Eric and I just took in December to visit our daughter Brianna and son-in-law Jaden in Belgium.

You can change the colors, angles and fonts, including changing letters into UPPER and lower case. 
You can either type them into the word template or import them from text or the web.  
Next, you choose the Shape that you want your word cloud to be.  There are so many to choose from and it is easy to search through the different categories. 

You can even add your own image. 
I looked at all of the holiday shapes and picked a Christmas Tree because it reminded me of all the Christmas markets we went to while in Europe.  

I picked a pretty green for the tree with white letters and background too. 
I even set the letters to turn red when scrolled over.  
Now that I had my European Holiday word cloud shape, it was time to change the fonts of the words.  
This was a really fun part and gave my word cloud lots of personality. 

New fonts can be added at this point too.  
I changed the layout.  There were several to choose from and I tested these out to see which one would look best. 
When my word cloud was done, it was time to share. can be shared on social media, email, and through a link. 
They can be embedded on a webpage or blog. word clouds can also be downloaded in a variety of sizes and formats. 
I also like how the privacy can be private, public or part of a gallery. 
And of course, you could save the word cloud locally, print and delete them as well. 
Now that I had this beautiful word cloud from our trip, I wanted to do something special with it. 

I printed a couple off for Brianna and I, but I also clicked on....
Zazzle, where it showed me all of the neat things we can create with our word cloud from 
I saved our word cloud in a new folder.  It is easy to share your word clouds so you can keep them organized and reopen them to work on again. is definitely becoming one of my favorite word cloud creators! This can be used as such a wonderful tool to differentiate and give students a platform to create something truly unique and special to them.  

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