Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Follow The Educational Chats Site To Get Connected With All Of The Twitter Chats This Year!

Today my friend J'aime reminded me of the amazing Education Chats website that holds all of the educational Twitter chats out there for us to be part of around the world.  
This reminder was very timely as I was just updating the Library Celebrations and Reading Promotions Throughout The Year Calendar last night. 

I went back through each month, starting with January, and added Educational Twitter Chats for the Month as you can see above.  There is a link for you to follow in each month. 
I have followed this list for a long time as a few of my amazing friends, including @cybraryman1 and @thomascmurray, are two of the people that manage this site. 

You will find 3 ways to use the Twitter Chat Calendar.  Make sure you subscribe to the Google Calendar and then it is really easy to keep up to date on your favorite chats. 
If you host a education-related chat, you can add or make a change to the site too.  

You will find Education Chats here.  

As you can see with the Official Chat List and Chat Calendar, you will be able to stay connected to educational chats all year long. 

Thank you Tom, Jerry and others for bringing this all together.  We appreciate it so much, friends. 

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