Monday, January 29, 2018

Get Anyone Coding With Root....Coming Soon!

Last week at the FETC Conference in Florida, I spent a lot of time on the exhibit floor in between my sessions and workshops.  

I saw lots of amazing library, learning and technology tools and resources.  I spoke with inspiring people in the booths, as I listened to the story behind the products and thought of the impact they would have and how we could use them in the library and classroom.  

However, there was a new one that I just can't stop thinking about.  
It's called Root!  

Root is a little robot that can teach all young people grades K-12, and beyond, to code. 
Root Robotics shares their mission on the site, 

Our mission is to make learning to code accessible to any age.  We believe robots are the best way to engage in the journey of how digital stuff really works.  And our promise is to make learning this way as easy as opening an app.   
Coding, music, art and adventure keeps kids engaged as they learn problem solving skills through three different levels of coding, which they can easily move between as they go.  
When I walked up to the table where Root sat, I loved hearing about all its different parts and traits.  
 Root does so many things as it includes over 50 sensors and actuators to....
teach coding in a more fun, interesting and engaging way.

Look what Root can do...
YES, that's right!  Root can even climb on magnetic surfaces such as a whiteboard!  
I LOVE how Root speaks and plays music that the user composes.  
A whiteboard top! How fun!  
Can't you just pictured your students as they learn how to code with Root too?  
Not only was Root super cool, the people behind the coding robot were even cooler!  I enjoyed meeting one of them and reading more about the trio here

Root is not quite ready to ship yet but they are taking orders for shipments in June 2018.  You can read about this here.  Oh, and sign up for updates. 
To learn more, visit their website at  The Public Workshops under Educators look very interesting and fun as we get ready to bring root to our school.  
Also, follow Root Robotics on Twitter and Facebook for lots of ideas from them, but especially from all of the creative minds that are working on Root.  
I love thinking about what root will bring to our kids, libraries, curriculum, Makerspaces, classrooms and homes....and to the future of coding!  

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