Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Fast Ship From Follett Gets You The Books You Need FAST!

Have you ever had a student come into your library wanting the super popular newest release ASAP?  

How about a teacher requesting an additional 10 copies of the book they are about to start?  

And there is that moment that you plan an entire project around one book and then realize you don't have it in your library collection....and it starts in a few days ?  

I know, as a teacher librarian, this happened to me all the time!  I always wanted to fulfill these requests and needs as quick as I could.  

Well, guess what? Our friends at Follett have something that will help for anyone with a Titlewave account (which is free by the way)!
It is called Fast Ship!  

With Fast Ship, Follett now offers next-day shipping on almost 50,000 titles they have in stock at their Service Center.
All you have to do is look for the Fast Ship icon in Titlewave.com to find which books they have in stock and ready to ship fast.  
Here is an example.

I searched The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  You can see that it is Fast Ship eligible which 89 copies available.
You can also use the Fast Ship Filter when conducting a subject or topical search to see all of the books that will be able to leave the Follett warehouse within 24 hours.

With this one, I searched for Farm Animals.  I then clicked on Fast Ship Eligible and it gave me....
31 items.  I filtered this search even more and looked for the most current release dates first.  
You will find all of the details about Fast Ship on the front page of Titlewave. 

Thank you Follett for bringing so many wonderful books and resources to our students, libraries and teachers super fast. 

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