Thursday, January 18, 2018

Making New Connections With #inTLchats & Librarians In Hong Kong Today!

This morning I was on the look out for tweets from an amazing conference in Hong Kong with several of my librarians friends.

My dear friend Joyce Valenza is speaking, collaborating and sharing with all of the wonderful librarians and others.  In fact, they even started a new hashtag today that we can all follow as we make connections with librarians in other parts of the world.
Now when I look at my TweetDeck, I see #futurereadylibs #inTLchats and #TLchat, along with several others that live on my TweetDeck too.  
I loved watching Joyce, Danny, Kurt, Kendra, Stoney and others as they shared and inspired the people in Hong Kong, and also all of us following along on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other places made possible because of the way we are all connected.
I loved sharing with them today, especially hoping to get them connected with others in the United States and other parts of the world for World Read Aloud Day coming up on February 1, 2018.

Let's see how you can get connected in 2018.  What connections will you make?  What will you do with your connections?  How will you learn together?  What will be the impact these connections make on your students? 

I can't wait to hear!  And I can't wait to connect with even more of you in 2018!  

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