Thursday, January 18, 2018

Celebrate Winnie the Pooh Today With A Collection of Books, Crafts, Resources, Quotes and Love!

Today is the day we celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day, which is celebrated on the birthday of author A A Milne every year. 

This is a special day that those of us who love Winnie the Pooh just don't want to miss.
When I was little I loved reading Winnie the Pooh books. I would have my mom read them over and over to me.  These are now a special part of my personal collection and I have enjoyed sharing them with my own children and students too.
Over the last several years, new favorites have made an impact on readers becoming classics once again.

You will find a wonderful bunch of Winnie the Pooh books in this special Winnie the Pooh Day Titlewave List.

When I was looking through it this morning, I loved finding a few of my new all-time favorite Winnie the Pooh books and read aloud,

Winnie, the True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie the Pooh and Finding Winnie...the True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear, who won the Caldecott Medal in 2016.
I found this lovely video from author Lindsay Mattick reading and discussing Finding Winnie, that I added to the Collection too. 
You can find the Winnie the Pooh Collection here.  Feel free to share this with others in your school, families and your students. 
I hope that you pull all of your Winnie the Pooh books today, read them to your students and share the history behind our favorite bear.  There are so many special ways to make it a day to celebrate one of the sweetest book characters we know. 

Just as Pooh said.... We didn't realize we were making memories.  We just knew we were having fun. 

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