Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Special Valentine's Day Collection Filled With Art, Song, Science, Cooking, Books, Games, Puzzles, Technology and More!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!  

I love seeing all of the art projects, a new Valentine's Day story and song, science, cooking, books, songs, games, puzzles, technology projects and more being shared by librarians, teachers, families and others.  

As you are celebrating with your school community, students and others, you will find this Valentine's Day Collection by Destiny I created as somewhere special to share and go to find....
 new books, like Cantata Learning's story and song Valentine's Day you can listen to here
the Global Virtual Valentine's Project from the Buncee blog last year;
the fun and engaging Valentine's Day displays being added to libraries, hallways and classrooms; 

You will find the Valentine's Day Resources Collection here.  It is a public Collection so please share it with others in your school, your students and families too. 
And did you know....February is also the month we celebrate Library Lover's Month!   I have a Collection for celebrating our love for libraries too. You will find it here and in the Valentine's Day Collection as well. 

As always, let me know what else we should add or if you'd like to be a collaborator on these Collections too.  

Happy Valentine's Day, friends.  Enjoy the season and creating lots of love and fun in your spaces too. 

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