Friday, January 19, 2018

Week 2 In The Future Ready Librarian Collection Series...Empowers Students As Creators Collection!

Last week, I kicked off a new series of Collections by Destiny for all 10 of the Future Ready Librarians wedges.  
Each Friday, I will be creating a special Collection for each one of the 10 wedges within the Future Ready Librarian framework for my Shannon's Favorite Finds that I share for #FavoriteFindsFriday every week. 

The 10 Future Ready Librarian Collections will be filled with resources such as the FRL webinars, organizations, articles, Follett case studies, helpful tips, online communities for librarians, tools, and much more.  
 For week one, I created and shared the Builds Instructional Partnerships Collection.  
Today for week two, I am sharing the Empowering Students As Creators Collection
This is one of my favorite wedges, so I couldn't wait to share lots of resources and materials I have been gathering over the year.  

Please spend this week taking a look at the resources in the Empowering Students as Creators wedge.  It is a wonderful opportunity to learn something new and extend what you are already doing within this wedge too.  These resources and materials also give you the perfect opportunity to share with others such as the teachers and administrators within your building and community, which may lead to amazing collaborative opportunities.  
In each of the Future Ready Librarian Collections, I want to point out how I am also adding resources from others who support each the various wedges.  It might be an library or education company, publisher, organization and others.  These resources are very valuable and helpful to share too.  

Capstone Community, a valuable new community from Capstone...
to connect and share while building instructional partnerships using PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next and a link for the different databases available from Follett in the Builds Instructional Partnerships Collection

If there are others, please let me know and we can add those resources and materials too.  
There are only two Collections there right now, but remember for the next eight Fridays I will be adding a new Collection for my #FavoriteFindsFriday.  
Next Friday, I will introduce the Curates Digital Resources and Tools Wedge Collection. 

Stay tuned, friends and let me know if you want to collaborate on the Future Ready Librarian Collections.  I would love to have you! Just drop me a line in this blog post or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.  


  1. This is wonderful! I just finished teacher 600 plus 7th grade students how to create blogs. We will be using them for class, but many students were excited to start personal blogs as well! I was inspired by the folks at Edublogs, and wrote up the details here:

    1. Hi there...Thank you so much. And thank you for sharing this post....I added it to the Collection. It is wonderful! <3