Saturday, January 13, 2018

Host A Pinterest Party In The Library!

Who doesn't like to be creative, make, get messy, invent, tinker, engineer, build and have fun?  

Who doesn't use Pinterest for one reason or another?  If you are not pining, I am sure you are collecting and using pins in some way within your life. 

And who doesn't like a party?  

I bet there are lots of hands up right now because I know that most of you answered YES to all of those questions.  
Now, let me ask you this...

What would happen if you put up a sign that said, 

You're Invited To A Pinterest Party In Our Library!  

I know that sounds really exciting but I am sure you are probably wondering....
First, a Pinterest Party uses Pinterest.  

Pinterest is a virtual scrapbook, collection or place to pin everything you collect, love and want to try on the internet.  On your computer or using the Pinterest app, you can discover resources and pin things to the different boards you create.  You can access these boards in different places, share them and even collaborate with others as you pin resources you want to organize and save.  

At a Pinterest Party, you have a chance to try out all of the cool things you are pinning.  

There are a couple ways to have a Pinterest Party.  

1.  You can ask everyone to bring one of their favorite Pinterest crafts with enough supplies for the number of people coming to the party.

2. You can focus on one Pinterest craft for each Pinterest Party.  One person can pick a craft from one of their Pinterest boards and bring enough materials for each person attending the party. 

3.  A small group can pick one or two Pinterest crafts and bring the supplies together for everyone else.  You can then rotate to the other members coming to the Pinterest Party throughout the year. 
For more Pinterest Parties ideas, I gathered together a few helpful articles, invitations, snacks, resources and more in the new Pinterest Board, Ideas for Hosting a Pinterest Party in the Library.

As you and your students kick off Pinterest Parties, you might also start a collaborative Pinterest account for your library.  All of you can create boards, pin, share and celebrate by sharing what you have created with the community and world.  

We had a Pinterest for our library and it was always a huge success and so much fun! 
In my Pinterest, I have boards that focus on recycled, free and low cost crafts.  These type of boards and crafts will be perfect to focus on and share for a Library Pinterest Party. 
Let's take a look in my Pinterest so I can share some of these boards to get your ideas and parties started too. 
and Making With Gum and Candy Wrappers Pinterest Board contain lots of ideas for crafts that could be made at a Library Pinterest Party. 
Also, last week when my friend J'aime posted a message on the Future Ready Librarian Facebook page to see if anyone wanted all of the old catalogs and magazines she had, I brought together...

I love thinking about all of the wonderful experiences our students would have choosing different crafts, pulling together the materials needed and hosting Library Pinterest Parties. 

They could create cute Library Pinterest Party invitations with paper or online, decorate the library, hang up posters in the library and around the school, make simple snacks (this could even be one of the activities you do at your Library Pinterest Party...pick a snack to make together), promote the event on the library Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and invite everyone within the school including parents, teachers and even administrators. They love to be creative too.  

I have included the Google Slides that I used to create the images in this post here.  You and your students could use these as a great start in creating invites, posters, social media post and more for our party. 

A Library Pinterest Party will be a wonderful way to not only bring the community together but a special way to create community within your library and school.  
And who says that a Library Pinterest Party can't be virtual?  We used Skype several times to learn things from other students, librarians, teachers and others.  

It would be so much fun to host a VIRTUAL Library Pinterest Party too!  
I can't wait to see what ideas these will inspire for you and your students.  Please share with all of us the ideas, plans and crafts created in the comments of this post.  

We can't wait to see what your Library Pinterest Party brings!  

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