Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sing, Dance, Create and More With This New Song and Story For Valentine's Day From Cantata Learning!

Heart of pink and red we share to show the world that we care. 

I just love that line from the very special new book from Cantata Learning, Valentine's Day, which is part of the Holidays Rhythm and Rhyme Series.  

And it couldn't be a more perfect time to share, read and sing with Valentine's Day right around the corner.  
As all of Cantata Learning's books, it starts by sharing the history behind Valentine's Day.  This is very helpful in establishing background knowledge and getting the students excited for what they are about to learn.

I like using this beginning piece as a way to ask questions before I read and also as a way to lay out a question or two to answer while listening to the story.  You will also find vocabulary and questions at the back that are perfect for introducing before or after sharing the story too.
Emma Carlson Berne, author, and Aaron Cushley, illustrator, created a sweet story of Valentine's Day, love and friendship through their words and illustrations.

And we all love how Mark Oblinger arranged and produced pop music for this wonderful book.  We enjoyed picking up on the accordion, drum set, shaker, electric guitar, tuba throughout the book. 
You can see that celebrating at school with friends during a Valentine's Day party is part of this book so a terrific tie in while celebrating in the library and classroom with your students.  That is always a favorite!

And a great one to share with families as they get their Valentine's ready for friends and family at home.

You can even teach your students Valentine's Day at school and then they can bring it home as a singing Valentine to their family!  How fun would that be.  Make sure to remind them where the music is online so everyone can sing along anywhere they go.
Not only will you find the lyrics in the back of the book, 
you will find the sheet music available to download. 
This is on the Valentine's Day page on the Cantata Learning site where you will also find the Valentine's Day song to stream or download from the Cantata Learning site.

The QR Codes available throughout the book and on the back also take you to the music very quick with just a scan with any QR code reader app.  

I love how they include the instrumental version of the song for streaming and downloading too.  

Now after reading all about Valentine's Day you can listen to it on the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel.  It is really fun to think about all of the projects and Valentine's that could be created after listening to this story and song.
You will also find a wonderful lesson plan for using Valentine's Day and the other stories and songs from the Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme Set 2 here

I promise you and your students will love singing along as you celebrate friendship, creativity, caring and love this Valentine Day season too.

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