Saturday, January 20, 2018

You're Never Too Young To Stand Up For What's Right...The Pink Hat!

On the anniversary of the Women's March, millions of people are gathering together again in cities around the country to march for girls, women and equal rights for all.

Yesterday my friend Jen Geigley posted this picture of her daughter Lotus knitting herself a pink hat and it reminded me so much of the new book.....
 The Pink Hat...
 by Andrew Joyner. 
As Andrews site states on his wonderful site,
Follow the journey of a pink hat that is wiped by a pesky cat, blown in a tree by a strong wind, and used as a cozy blanket for a new baby, then finally makes it way onto the head of a young girl marching for women's equality.  
Inspired by the 5 million people (many of them children) in 82 countries who participated in the 2017 Women's March, 
this is a book that celebrates girls and women and equal rights for all!  
 Random House has also put together this wonderful kit for The Pink Hat that you can get here.
 There are project ideas and lessons for talking about the Women's March and equal rights...

and posters children can create to show their pink pride. 
To order The Pink Hat for your library, visit this link today
I am proud of Lotus and everyone who is marching today.  

You're never too young to stand up for what's right!  

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