Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two Free Storytelling Apps From Launchpad Toys and Google You Won't Want To Miss!

Did you know that Launchpad Toys has joined Google?

They teamed up to bring two of the best free storytelling apps to kids around the world FREE!
The first is Toontastic.  

As the website states, Toontastic is a creative storytelling tolls that empowers kids to draw, animate, narrate and record their own cartoons....it is as easy as putting on a puppet show.  

And as you can see....
...lots of fun too!  
 There are also lesson plans, worksheets and other classroom resources on the site.
You can download Toontastic free here.
The second is TELEStory which is an augmented reality video camera that lets kids perform and record their own TV shows through creative play!  
 With TELEStory, students can create and record their own TV show and...
...even perform and record music videos!

They will have such a great time putting a musical twist to their storytelling with this app.

You can download TeleStory free here.
Launchpad and Google have put together an fantastic place to go to get lots of resources for libraries, teachers, and classrooms. 

It is called #LaunchpadEDU...Creativity at Play!  
It can be found here.  You will love all of these playful resources for your classroom. 

And your students will love all of the creative storytelling and play these two apps will bring them too!

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