Thursday, October 6, 2016

Capchat Videos....Book Bites From Michael Dahl & Capstone!

Eric and I spent part of the week with our amazing friends at the Oklahoma Technology/Encyclo-media Conference in Oklahoma City.  It was one of the best events and having these crazy friends there made it even better!

Donna Bigbee and Kathleen Messenbaugh with Capstone invited Michael Dahl to be their very special guest.  He presented and signed his awesome Batman themed books in their booth.

As you can tell it was a whole lot of fun.

And today, Capstone introduced something else from Michael that I couldn't wait to share with all of you!
It is called Capchat Videos...Book Bites from Michael Dahl and can be found on the Capstone Facebook here.
In this first CapChat you will take a tour of five fantastic nonfiction series from Capstone, published in Fall 2016.  Perfect for sharing with students or fellow teachers to get them excited about new books in the library. 

So check it out today....and get ready to be hooked on Capchat too!

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