Thursday, June 23, 2016

You Won't Want To Miss The Mackin Booth At ALA This Week...Teacher Librarians, Authors, TYSL and More!

With the annual American Library Association Conference here in a few days, I am excited to share what is happening in the Mackin booth during the conference.  

You can head to Booth #2269 and find several Special Presentations including...
 Leslie Yoder, Michelle Jarrett, Stephanie Ham, Herbie Thorpe and Mesa Heise.

I can't wait to celebrate and share Mackin's TYSL (Transform Your School Library) movement in the booth on Saturday at 12:15pm.  My dear friend and TYSL Managing Director Marlene Woo-Lun will also be sharing TYSL on Sunday and Monday in the booth.
Also, I can't say enough about the amazing author's who will be singing in the booth!  WOW!  You will not want to miss them.

Please visit Mackin at Booth #2269 and follow the action on Twitter at @Mackin_Talk and @MackinTYSL if you are not going to be at ALA this week.

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