Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Little Bird Tales....Create Stories, Interviews, Reports, and Interactive Lesson Plans!

As we start back to school, I wanted to share a very special website and app with all of you. Little Bird Tales is one that you just can't miss!

Little Bird Tales is a unique storytelling and interactive lesson site with a free app that is changing the way teachers and students create and share stories, reports, lessons, and interviews!
Little Bird Tales gives students a fun, creative way to share their ideas or knowledge in the form of stories, reports, or presentations. Teachers appreciate the ability to easily create custom digital assignments, and then assign, save, edit or share them with others. Customizable lessons provide countless teaching opportunities for numerous subjects to students across various grade levels.

Little Bird Tales has also added book club lessons, to help students review and prepare to discuss the book they’ve read as a group. Use our recommend books and lessons, or create your own! Perfect for school and public library reading clubs!
With hundreds of lesson plans available, teachers have the option of easily assigning work that satisfies most US Common Core Standards while giving students the perfect tools for demonstrating their understanding. Students can read, hear, write, draw pictures and diagrams on the integrated art pad, and record themselves reading, narrating, or giving an explanation using the voice recorder.

The record feature for instructions allows the instructor to record questions, statements or readings the student can playback and respond to, providing two way interactive communication and more flexibility in the classroom. This also facilitates interviews, pronunciation practice, and language acquisition, as well as allowing teachers to record instructions for children who aren't able to read or write, yet.
Younger students can draw pictures on the digital art pad, and older students can import images and photos from their computer. The Class Image Gallery makes it easy for teachers to safely give students access to photos and digital images they may need to complete a lesson, or create a report or story.
The Little Bird Tales iOS App is ideal for storytelling on the go and can easily be integrated into the lesson features.  Take pictures and record audio while on a field trip, upload them to the site and create a lesson! Or, assign one of the Little Bird Tales Lessons offered, and you students can complete it on their iPad!
I have created lots of very special Little Bird Tales over the years and with all of the new things available I can't wait to use it again this year.  

And to see what all of you create with your little ones too.