Friday, August 28, 2015

"Just Make A Mark For Dot Day & See Where It Takes You"....In The Halls & Library At Amana Elementary

When the students at Amana Elementary enter the library hallway next week, they will be excited to see a new display created by their teacher librarian Heather Fox inviting them to make their mark on the world! 
Her teacher smiled.  Just make a mark and see where it takes you! 
are from The Dot by Peter Reynolds.
Once in the library, they will be invited to make their mark by adding an illustration of their own....
 just like one of the 3rd graders at Amana Elementary did last year.  
And what makes it so special this time of year, is that we are all getting ready to celebrate International Dot Day September 15ish. 
And just look at how many are already signed up to connect and make their mark around the world!

If you haven't signed up for Dot Day this year, please register here.
And if you are looking for making connections with other students, libraries and schools to celebrate Dot Day with, please check out our Collaborative Google Doc.

There are dozens of teacher librarians and educators around the world planning their Dot Day connections and celebrations here....It is awesome!
You can connect to a lot of ideas for Dot Day here and Heather, the teacher librarian who created this beautiful display and who happens to be my beautiful sister....
shared the Google Doc of the materials to create this in your library and school too.
 She found that adorable fabric on
You can follow Heather and her Dot Day adventures on the Amana School Community Library Facebook page.  This is one of the things that she is planning before school starts next week....just wait until you see what else she has going on.
Dot Day and Peter Reynolds, a favorite in their library and all of ours, have brought all of us together in such a special way.

I can't wait to see where the marks of her students take them all year long.  

And those of your students too. 

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