Monday, September 15, 2014

Just Look At All Of The New Digital Tools & Apps We Have To Use This Year....And To Share Too!

Everyday I learn about a new digital tool or app through Twitter, Facebook, or by reading something on a blog or website.  It is so much fun to learn about all of these new things and even more exciting to think of ways to use them with our young people and in education.  

I have been keeping a lot of these new ones that I found this fall on a sticky note, but today I decided I needed something a little more organized.  And why not put it somewhere that I could share with everyone else too so I created a Google Doc to do just that.
You can find the New Tools, Apps, and Ideas for 2014- here.

I am going to use this to add the new things I find throughout the year.  I would love it if you shared new tools and apps too.  It will be best if we bring all of our ideas together.

At the bottom I also added Things We Can't Wait To Try Out.  This will be fun to see grow too.

Have fun trying out all of these new things with your students and teachers this year.  It is going to be a wonderful year for creating and sharing new tools and ideas.  

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