Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Visit With Author Susan Verde Inspires The Second Graders To Create The "Make Your Mark Museum" At Van Meter

Yesterday we had a very special day in the Van Meter Library and two very special visitors....

Mrs. P and Susan Verde!  

Mrs. P, from Mrs. P's Magic Library, has been connecting with our students and school community for the last few years....We always love her visits so very much (a post about her visit will come right after this one). 

Susan is a new friend and author to us at Van Meter.   We were so excited to meet her.....I was from the time we planned her visit several weeks ago. :) 
When Susan's book The Museum came out earlier this year I couldn't wait to read it and add it to our library.  It is a beautiful story and to make it even more dear friend Peter Reynolds illustrated it.  It was an instant favorite.  I have always loved art and museums, just like the little girl in the book.  And I share this love for art and artists with my students in the library every chance I get.

For our related arts blocks, the art teacher has half of a grade level and I have the other half for library and technology time.  It is nice for planning special events like this.  My friend Shelley Broderick, one of our art teachers, brought her half of the second grade to the library so they could also enjoy Susan's visit.  
It was very special listening to Susan read her book and share Peter's illustrations.
After Susan read, the 2nd graders had so many questions...It was fun listening to the conversation between all of them.  They told stories of their favorite artists, art works, and museums too.
When we finished our Skype with Susan, the second graders and I wanted to do a little creating of our own.  

Since we have been making plans for our Dot Day Celebration in September, they instantly said "Let's make our very own DOTS for Dot Day!" 

And then one little friend said, "Can we make a museum for our DOTS too? Just like the one in Susan's book?" 

What a wonderful idea!  

I have this brand new bulletin board right outside of the library that says "Make Your Mark."  I put it up so we could share all of the special Dot Day art work we are creating in the library.  But now we are going to call it our...
From the first day of school we have talked about how we are going to "Make Our Mark On The World" this year.....this is just one more way we can celebrate who we are!  

I can't wait to show off all of the amazing art work in our "Make Your Mark Museum!"
Susan has a wonderful website....I just love all of the resources she has available under "Teachers & Parent Resources".  These are resources for children and teachers to use at school and also for parents to use with their families at home.
I have download this beautiful "My Museum Masterpiece" from the website here and we will be using these for the "Make Your Mark Museum".  These will be perfect for Dot Day or any day.

There are several other art websites that Susan has mentioned on her site.....
Art Projects for Kids....

Deep Space Sparkle, Art Lessons for Kids....
and The Artist's Toolkit are websites all of the students and teachers will enjoy.
I also bring videos into the library to enrich books and projects....and the connection with The Museum is a perfect fit with this type of resource.

The YouTube Channel "Getting To Know" has several great ones about artists.  They really have enjoyed watching these and connecting to artists we learn about.
Thank you for visiting our library Susan.  It was great fun and very special to all of us.
You will have to come back and visit for Dot Day.....Lets ask Peter to come by too!  :)

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