Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our First Little Free Library At Van Meter....And It's Made From An Old TV!?!?!

We have a new industrial technology teacher at Van Meter, Chriss Barck.  A couple days after we started back to school Chriss visited the library and we became colleagues and friends.  I am so happy he is here with all of the students and teachers....what a great addition to Van Meter.  

And during those first few days I also asked him to help me get a project off of the ground that I have wanted to do within our community.  

I told Chriss all about Little Free Libraries and hoped he would say he was all for getting students involved in this project too!  We would have them design, build, and do the finish work on the project as Chriss taught and mentored the students.  Other teachers and classes, such as art, could get involved too and we could make this a K-12 project that would benefit the entire Van Meter Community. 
Last week, Lisa Boyd, a parent and my friend, texted me and said she was dropping off an old TV in the shop.....This conversation came out of one last year.  We both thought it would be so cool to build something for books out of an old TV. Now she had one ready for us to use.  

When I stopped out in the shop to touch base Chriss had the tools ready to take everything out of the TV and get it ready for its "Little Free Library" transformation.  
Yesterday I got a wonderful surprise in the library! 

Colton Boswell, who is a senior at Van Meter, carried our new Free Little Library into the library.  He was so proud of the Free Little Library and what he had created. 

Inside the TV there are two selves and lots of room to come take a book or leave one.  We talked about what color the shelves would be and the sign we would put on it.   They are also going to build a stand so everyone can see into our new library too.  This Little Free Library will go inside of the school....
For more information about Little Free Libraries you can visit the website at Little Free Library.  This is where you register your libraries too.
I also came across the Little Free Library Pinterset which has dozens of beautiful ideas.

View Little Free Library Index  >  Scroll Down in a larger map

Also, a few nights ago on Twitter my friend and colleague Eric Trudo sent me this map that shows where all of the Little Free Libraries are located.  I will have Colton add ours today.   

Thank you Colton and Chriss.....This is going to be such a fun addition to our school and will inspire reading even more throughout our community.  You two are awesome. 

I can't wait to see what we do with this project next. 


  1. Wow!!! Looks wonderful! Great job!

    1. And thank you for the TV my friend :)

      Have a great day, Shan

  2. That is going to be super awesome to have for the kids. Looks great so far!!!

  3. Thank you Stacey....I am so excited about it. :)

    Have a wonderful day, Shannon