Friday, June 17, 2011

LitWorld Presents....From Harlem to Kenya: Spark a LitSummer

One of my favorite organizations that helps promotes literacy and education around the world is LitWorlds.  When I became connected to LitWorld during the last year, I fell in love with their passion for wanting to give EVERYONE in the world the right to read.  

The LitWorld Web site states, "LitWorld's mission is to use the power of story to cultivate literacy skills in the world's most vulnerable children.  LitWorld works with teachers, families and children to create resilience building reading and experiences which serve to connect and fortify communities."

"Words Changing Worlds"......says it all!  And what a mission that is!  

This Summer, LitWorld is bringing the power of story to hundreds of young people from Kenya to Harlem, and they need your help! LitWorld is calling out to the community to help by donating books and school supplies as they embark on two important summer missions:


On July 8, 2011, members of the LitWorld team are headed to Kenya to visit our partners at the Children of Kibera Foundation. LitWorld works very closely with the Children of Kibera Foundation’s Red Rose School, where we run programs such as the Girls Clubs for Literacy Project. The Red Rose School is a beacon of hope for the children of Kibera, and is a positive learning environment providing education for children who are HIV/AIDS orphans.


Starting this summer, LitWorld will set up the Story Power Camp project, a summer reading enrichment program for the youth of the Children’s Village, Polo Grounds Community Center. The Story Power Camp aims to engage young people in reading and writing through fun, interactive activities, while encouraging each participant to boldly share their personal stories. The Children's Village works in partnership with families to help society's most vulnerable children so that they become educationally proficient, economically productive and socially responsible members of their communities.

To contribute, view their wishlist via Amazon here (donations are being accepted until 6/30/2011):

Thank you everyone for learning about and support LitWorld.  Together we can all make a difference!


  1. This is a great program-thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to pass it on.

  2. It really is a great programme and when I first read their mission I got goosebumps--thinking yes yes on the power of story. Thanks for sharing this Shannon!

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