Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hagan's Summer of Awesome.....My Son's New Blog

I love the weekends.  One of my favorite things to do is to get coffee at my favorite coffee shop.

One of the best parts of coffee shops on the weekends is the conversations I get to have with my own kids.

On Saturday, my 6 year old Hagan and I were waiting for coffee and he started telling me a story about where he was going to read this summer.  He said, "I am going to bring a book on the horseback ride in Estes Park. Will you take a picture of me reading?"  This little story made me smile because Hagan is excited about the summer reading program that John Schu and I have planned for our kids at Brook Creek and Van Meter.

In Silly Summerstakes, John and I have asked our students to send in photographs of them reading and writing in silly, fun, and unique places.  All of the teachers have put up colored posters in their classrooms and they hang throughout the school hallways.  The students received a letter to go home and we have been discussing this program in the library over the last few weeks.  I know that our students are very excited to connect with John's students at Brook Creek and to share with their friends at Van Meter too.

After Hagan told me one idea he then came up with several more equally amazing places to read, write, and for him.....draw.  :) I told him that he should start his own blog and he just loved this idea.

The best part of the conversation was when I asked him what we should call the blog.

"Hagan's Summer of Awesome, Mom," with the sweetest smile on his face.

I hope you enjoy Hagan's new blog as he shares stories of playing, reading, writing, drawing, and traveling through the summer.  He is a very funny little guy so I am sure this will be one entertaining journey.

You can also follow Hagan on Twitter at @haganemiller.

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  1. I love it. So I grabbed your idea and had my son create his own "website", because I've been working on my startup, Currix, he's been obsessed with creating his own.

    He created and made it a game. Every time he posts, he also posts a 100 pt coin image that he gets to add up to a prize at the end of the summer. (All his idea of course!)

    Brilliant. Thanks for your fantastic idea and it was great to meet you at ISTE!