Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Place To Go For Genre Services & Best Practices From Follett As You Embrace Genrefication In Your Library Too

Genrefication is becoming more and more popular within school libraries as a way to support reading, enrich curriculum and engage our readers. 
At Van Meter Community School, we flipped our collection several years ago.  It was such an exciting and beneficial process, which proved to be just what our readers and teachers needed.  
In fact, through the process of organizing books into categories and genres we created a wonderful student-centered library where the kids gave input and feedback along the way. 
However, since we were one of the first school libraries to embrace genrefication, there wasn't a lot of information and help available.  
Is this where you are?  

Have you embraced genrefication or do want to take the next step towards bringing this to your library?    
Our friends at Follett now support genrefication by offering amazing services including tips, tricks, guides and best practices along with Genre Consulting Services to make sure this genre flip happens just the way you'd like....quickly and in the most efficient way.  

I love this video sharing Lori Kelley's story about genrefication within her middle school library at Katy ISD in Texas.  After watching this, you will want to learn more about these services too.  

On the Follett Learning website, you will find a new page for Genre Services and Best Practices.  
This includes Genrefication Best Practices and More with Tools to Help You Identify Genre; Follett's Best Practices, Updating Destiny with Genre Information and more. 
If more help is needed, Follett now offers Genre Consulting Services that are perfect for those who don't have the time or need a little extra guidance in this journey through genrefication.  

On the site, you will find other materials including an inspiring case study and video on how Follett helped another school library in New York City. 
I never imagined that genrefication would lead to so many changes within our library and school, but this change brought something to our readers and to our library that I would do again in a heartbeat. 

And this time...I would definitely include Follett in this process too.  

You can find out more about Follett's Genre Services and Best Practices here

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