Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We Love How Skype In The Classroom Brings Mrs. P & Others To Our Libraries & Schools!

Today I was part of a very special Skype event with our friend Mrs. P!  

My sister Heather, who is a teacher librarian in Amana, Iowa, thought it would be great fun to connect with Mrs. P together since this was their first time connecting.  

Due to a little technical difficulties on my end I wasn't able to connect the entire time, but I did see that several classroom, Mrs. P, and even her Technology Elf were on the Skype together.  It was so much fun to see!  
To learn more about Mrs. P and her connection with Skype in the Classroom you can visit her page on their website.
Also, check out Mrs. P's lesson The Magic World Of Reading, Writing and Storytelling to bring her to your library and classroom too.  As you can see October is all filled up, but she has openings for November.
You and your students will love the Mrs. P website that is filled with stories, games, activities, and lots of things for teachers too.
 And don't miss Mrs. P's Writing Contest that is now open through November 15th.
Students in grades K through 4 are eligible and you can learn all about it here.

Thank you Mrs. P for bringing storytime to life and so much fun to our schools and children. 
For more connections with others around the world through Skype, register for Skype in the Classroom and start connecting today.

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