Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Today Mrs. P & I Celebrated World Read Aloud Day With Lots Of FUN Little Ones, Libraries & Schools

Today was a very special day.  

It is the day that people all over the world celebrate World Read Aloud Day with our dear friends at LitWorld. 

And what World Read Aloud Day would be complete without connecting with friends around the world.  All week I have been watching as libraries, schools, and communities have been celebrating reading, books, and writing with others.  It is just so much fun to see.  
Today I had the honor of being included in a very special Skype too.

My amazing friend Mrs. P and I brought together seven schools from across the country for a special Skype to celebrate WRAD too.
If you aren't familiar with Mrs. P, please check out her website, Mrs. P's Storytime
Mrs. P is always great fun.....and today she really made us all laugh as she talked about storytelling, sharing stories, and being an author.
I loved the questions that the children asked her as well.  It was neat watching them soak everything in that Mrs. P spoke about during our Skype.  
And so much fun seeing all of the tweets from the other libraries and schools too.

Thank you for sharing, friends.
Thank you Mrs. P......As always you were the best.  We love you. 
Skype in the Classroom has a wonderful place for all of us to connect with authors.  

Enjoy World Read Aloud Day and share this special celebration with your school community and students too.  


  1. Hi Lisa....Once you sign up for Skype in Education you will receive an email that allows you, as a teacher, to add up to 10 connections, including you. :)