Sunday, June 8, 2014

Unite For Literacy.....Brings Our Young Readers Free eBooks In 15 Different Languages

Last week I visited Eagle County School District in Colorado.  I had such a wonderful time visiting several schools and library programs in their district.  

My dear friend Barbara Romersheuser, who is the district library media coordinator, and I had a great time learning and working together during my visit. 
Barbara and I were talking about eBooks, books, and other online resources.  She was super excited to show me a website with dozens of free eBooks about different subjects and topics, illustrations and photographs.

It is called Unite For Literacy.
The books can be read in 15 different languages...
and children will find the voices very engaging and pleasant to listen to as they read each eBook.
When I checked out the website a little more, I loved reading their vision and what they want to accomplish with their website.

It is one that everyone will want to check out and share with your school community too.

Especially with the summer is perfect for summer reading!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I liked their titles and the voices were pleasant to listen to.

  2. Glad you can have those electronic books by hand.
    Thanks for the report.