Sunday, June 2, 2013

One Thing I Am Going To Focus On And Learn This Summer.....Coding And Integrating It Into Our Curriculum

The last few months my administrators, our computer and business teacher Eric Trudo, and myself have been talking about the subject of "Coding", computer programming, and the best way to integrate it into our school and curriculum.

Earlier this week I found this video on  I just love the message and all of the individuals who speak to the importance of growing computer programming education.

I have done a little with coding in the library.  We have tried out Scratch, Code Academy and even worked at creating an app for our library and school.  To tell you the truth, it is the kids who have figured these sites out even more than me.

Our "Technical Difficulties Club" have also showed interest in learning to code when we talked about what they were curious and excited to learn.
Yesterday my superintendent Deron Durflinger shared an article with me entitled Why Programming Is The Core Skill Of The 21st Century from ReadWrite.  Within the first paragraphs it explains why programming skills are so essential for everyone.  This supports our thoughts and then takes them one step further....

Where do we start?  What do we include?  Who can we connect with and include that will be helpful?  How can our young people guide this as well?  

These questions and so many more will be an important focus for me this summer.
Today I asked my PLN on Twitter and Facebook for resources and tools.  I read through blog posts about coding.  I played around with websites like Hackety Hack and Alice.  I even put a few coding apps on Hagan's iPad....Move the Turtle, TinyTap, and My DoodleGame were our favorites.

As I collected all of these resources and tools I added them to the new Symbaloo that I created called Coding, Coding, Coding Symbaloo.  I added this to the Van Meter Library Symbaloo so everyone can find these easily.  I also shared it on the Van Meter Voice Facebook page to encourage our students and families to check out the coding resources over the summer.
This summer I want to learn how to use Tynker.  I loved reading their blog and reading about after-school coding clubs.  The showcase of Miller Middle School is one example of the amazing things our young people can create using Tynker.

Hagan, my 8-year-old, and I are going to learn how to create some pretty awesome things too....We will be ready to teach everyone else in the fall.

I also want to learn create an animation using Scratch and think of ways to integrate both into my curriculum.
By learning all of these things and so much more I will be ready to work with Eric, our students and others to include computer programming within our curriculum.  

That is another thing I want to focus on....Are there any places that include specific coding standards yet?  Will ISTE or AASL include anything soon?  What about P21, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills?

I have learned so much more over the last few months.  This is a skill that is not an option, it is something we all must embrace and bring to our students.  Coding is also one of those subjects that students will become excited, curious and passionate about.  

I can't wait to see what it will bring!  

I can't wait to create some really cool things over the summer too!  :) 

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