Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Check Out The New Signs In Our Genre Neighborhoods At The Library

I just had to show everyone how the genre neighborhoods are coming together in our library this week.

Diana has been very busy putting all of our fiction books into the different genre neighborhoods.  In these two photographs you can see the genre label at the top of each books spine.

And today...the new signs went up!  I love how the image on the sign matches the genre label on the books.  This is going to be very helpful for our patrons.

Tomorrow....I am sure we will be visiting more neighborhoods by the end of the day in the Van Meter Elementary Library.
P.S.  We also have a pretty BIG announcement tomorrow for the library and school.

Our new "Elementary Reading Committee" and my National Honor Society kids are going to do something within our library and school community that is going to bring a whole bunch of HAPPY and BOOKS to our young people.

I can't wait to tell you all more tomorrow.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog and all of your accomplishments. I am planning on creating genre "neighborhoods" as well. How do you decide on the mixed genres? For example, do you put the Hank Zipzer series in the Realistic Fiction or Humorous section? A lot of times the books are both funny and realistic. Thank you for your input!!

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you so so much! :) It is so great to connect with you.

    My associate and I would talk about those book and decide where they belonged. It was a little tricky at first. For example, first we were going to have a Series neighborhood, but then decided to put the series into the genre in which they belonged. We also looked at what they were being cataloged as and the major reason kids liked checking them out. I am sure some will change too. :)

    Please let me know if you have any other questions...I am more than happy to help you.

    Have a wonderful day, Shannon