Friday, September 24, 2010

Why I Love Being A Teacher!

Yesterday I was showing the 5th graders the new Van Meter Elementary Library and Tech VOICE Google site. On the "Important Information" page I posted a video called Be The Change You Want To See, which I used in two library presentations last week. When the kids saw that it was a YouTube video of our library they all wanted to see it, so I played it for them.

As the video and Hey There Delilah started playing the students began to sway back and forth while singing the popular song quietly. When it got to the chorus, everyone of the students in the lab were singing the song without any hesitation with their sweet little voices. It was just beautiful to hear and to see how happy that song was making everyone of them.

I am so happy I got this moment on video. And the best part...everyday I experience little moments like this with the kids at Van Meter and with my own children. I might hold the title of teacher librarian and mom, but they teach me more than I have ever learned in a classroom, online, or from a book. They teach me to embrace spontaneity, to find fun in little moments, to be noisy, to smile even on the worst day, and most of have a VOICE all of your own!

And this is why I love being a teacher.

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  1. How lucky for these kids that they have a teacher whose savvy enough to know how to relate to them on their level. I visited Carroll High School in Southlake, TX last week, arriving 5 minutes before classes started on a Friday. I was startled to learn the school played LOUD ROCK MUSIC before school and during all breaks throughout the day on a Friday. And once I got over being startled by it, I wondered, "why doesn't every school do this?" It all reminded me of Elizabeth Peterson's wonderful blog post from this summer about how music can build connections between people of all ages: