Friday, January 11, 2013

Just Love The Book Talks Our Students Are Creating Using Camtasia Relay

Yesterday after school I asked two of our 3rd graders, Casey and Shae, and my son Hagan, to help me create a few new book talks.  We used Camtasia Relay from TechSmith to record the book talks.

The students can capture their screens and have a little video box which also records them talking about the book as well.

Casey, Shae, and Hagan did book talks using the eBooks within our MackinVIA.  Shae and Casey reviewed eBooks from StarWalk Kids Media.  Hagan reviewed one of the new interactive eBooks from Rosen Publishing called Speed Machines and ABDO's Inside The NFL database.  It was fun to see what they would pick out to do their book talks about.   

We are going to be creating more book talks this afternoon in the library.....We will share more later.  :)


  1. Hi, Shae. Thank you so much for this great Book Talk about SONG & JUNIPER. I am going to share it with the author, August Hall. I am sure he will be thrilled to know that you have enjoyed his adventure story. Isn't he an excellent illustrator?

    Liz Nealon
    Publisher, StarWalk Kids Media

    1. Dear Liz,

      This is Shae. Thank you for liking my book talk. It was a lot of fun making this book talk. I hope Mr. Hall likes it too. Yes, I love his illustrations because they are so colorful and filled with action.

      I love StarWalk Kids Media. It makes me have fun while reading eBooks. And I love all of the fantastic choices they have to read.

      Thank you again. Shae