Thursday, August 6, 2020

Promoting & Sharing DESTINYFLIX With NEW Bookmarks and Posters!

As we get ready to start promoting and sharing our eBooks, audiobooks and other online resources using DESTINYFLIX, I have been working on a few fun ways to market this new program too. 
DESTINYFLIX will be someplace our students can go anywhere and anytime to connect with all of our wonderful resources in Follet's Destiny Discover.  They can be at school or at home....anywhere they have access to a device. 
When they click on any of these book covers, it will take them to the eBooks, audiobook or other online resource in our Destiny. 

You will find a link to DESTINYFLIX and the templates here in this blog post. 
To get ready as we go to the classrooms with our BOOKHUB Delivery Cart or our "Library on Wheels", I created...
...DESTINYFLIX bookmarks to share a picture of what it looks like, the QR code that will take them there at school or at home when scanned with any device, including their Chromebooks, iPads or other device, and...
...specific step-by-step directions on how to access the eBooks and audiobooks in Destiny using DESTINYFLIX. 
I took the information on the bookmark and turned it into big posters for each classroom, the library and other spaces around school and at our public library. 

I will also be sending these home with each student in their Library At Home Bag we will be sending home the first week of school.  More to come in an upcoming blog post on that too.
You will find the template for the DESTINYFLIX bookmarks here...
...and the posters here.

I can't wait to see all of the fun ways you are promoting and sharing your eBooks and audiobooks too, friends. 

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