Sunday, August 16, 2020

Our Library and Makerspace To-Go Marketing Materials & Promotional Plan

Every year, as we go back to school, I create a fun new library marketing plan around our resources in the library and online. I use it in the library, throughout the school, online, at the public library and to send home with our students and families. 

It is the best way to kick off the year and get everyone connected from the very start. 

This year as we return to learn, I wanted to create a marketing plan that would work in meaningful,  fun and exciting ways if we were in person or virtual.  
And one that would tie into our BOOKHUB delivery library-on-wheels and BOOKHUB program
It is called The Van Meter Library and Makerspace To-Go! 
I found a cute little van that I added images in the windows, information and graphics on the body, books and Makerspace supplies on the top and even a flag announcing a Special Delivery From Our Library off the back.  

I included everything within our library in the Van Meter School Library and Makerspace To-Go such as a link to our library website, our Destiny Discover, DESTINYFLIX, Our Virtual Makerspace, our Symbaloo and my contact information. 

I took the graphic and changed it up for a few different marketing assets. 
First, I made them fit into our IKEA frames that we have in each classroom and in the library. We use these in our preschool to 12th grade classrooms. 
They are 4 x 6 and fit perfectly into the IKEA frame.  
These are very important to our students and teachers in their classrooms so they are always able to find and access the library information and resources they need. 

I will fill in the username and password before I print them.  You will find the template for this here
Next, I made the graphic into a small table topper for each student to have at their desk.  
Since our students will be socially distanced within their classroom throughout the day, it will be important for them to all have their own, especially this year with the importance of connecting virtually to our library and Makerspace. 
I also created stickers using Sticker Mule.  They can put these on their water bottles, folders and even take them home to use. 

Lastly, I made a few versions so I could use them for different purposes.

This one has a larger Symbaloo QR code and link, along with DESTINYFLIX and Destiny Discover and Our Virtual Makerspace.
I enlarged it for posters (you will find the editable link here) and....
..even turned the graphic I created for the IKEA frames into a big poster too.

Library marketing and promotion is always important and this year we need to make sure we create meaningful, exciting and fun ways to engage our students, teachers and families as we learn together in many different ways. 

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