Sunday, August 30, 2020

A Collection by Destiny Set Of Special Yearly Events For Our Community & To Share

Our Collections by Destiny have been a very important part of our library.  Now with blended learning, our Collections are becoming more and more important, as they are an engaging, meaningful and easy way to share all kinds of resources with our students, teachers and families. 
As Future Ready Librarians, a big part of what we do falls under the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment wedge of the Future Ready Librarian framework and I can't think of a better way to describe how Collections by Destiny support and help all of us. 

Throughout the year, we research, select and curate resources for a variety of library initiatives, various projects and for special events.  With these events, we have created several wonderful Collections that we continue to add new things to throughout the year. 
Coming up, we have International Dot Day, 
9/11 Remembrance Day, 
and lots of wonderful resources for Constitution Day coming up on September 17. 
With all of these Collections we are creating, we decided to bring them together in a Collection Set.  This is an awesome feature in Collections and one of my favorite things! 

With a Collection Set, we can bring together as many Collections as we want in one place.  You can read more about this and how to make your own in this post I wrote
We shared this right away in our Library Google Classroom and also....
 ...created a new page on our library and remote learning website.

The Collection Set of Special Yearly Events will be such an important place for all of us as we celebrate these special days, plan and collaborate with one another, and share these with our students, families and community. 

Let's see what we can plan to celebrate and learn about next!  
You will find the Collection Set of Special Year Events here

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