Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sharing, Reading & Voting For State Award Books Using Buncee, Destiny Discover & Collections By Destiny

I love kicking off the year by sharing and celebrating the IASL (Iowa Association of School Librarians) Award Nominees for the year.  It is a super fun way to share and read these books throughout the year, as we get ready to vote for our favorites in the spring.  

We always have two sets of the four award categories in Iowa that we share and circulate from the library.  We also have them as eBooks, which they can read, listen to and share too. 

As a fun and handy way to share the books with our students, teachers and families at school and home, I have put together Buncee's and Collections by Destiny of all four awards. 
In the Buncee's, I uploaded the covers of the books,
the IASL poster,
and the Collection by Destiny that contains the print record and eBooks of each award nominee.
As they use the Collection and Buncee to connect with and read the books, they can keep track on the Buncee by checking the boxes next to each cover. 

They could do this online by using a copy of the Buncee I put together.  I am going to add the Goldfinch and Children's Choice Buncee to all of our elementary students Buncee accounts so when they open it up, it will be there for them to use. 

You will find the 2020-21 IASL Goldfinch Award Nominees Reading and Voting Buncee here.  Feel free to make a copy and add links from your Destiny Discover.
a link to the poster, IASL site and...
...the 2020-21 IASL Children's Choice Collection. Just like the Buncee's, feel free to make a copy of the Collections to use for your own school community.

By setting up our award program like this, our students and teachers will be able to stay connected to all books no matter where we are learning, at school and at home. This will allow all readers to participate and vote for their favorites, which is a wonderful way to kick off another amazing year of celebrating literacy and reading. 

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