Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Special 12-Week Virtual Camp Adventure Choice Board & Collection by Destiny Is Here!

Over the summer, I created a 12-week long Virtual Camp Adventure for our students, families and others.  We had so much fun creating and sharing these each week as we celebrated reading, learning and creating all summer long. 

Now that the 12-weeks have ended, I have brought them all together in a new choice board to continue to share with our students as we learn together at school or virtually with our students and families at home.  I wanted to create a place that our students and others could easily access since these are all wonderful resources and activities in the Virtual Camp Adventure choice boards that can be used all year long. 

You can access this new choice board here, where you will also find the embed code as I used above.  
I added the new choice board to our Virtual Camp Adventure Collection by Destiny that you will find here.   
This will make it super easy for everyone to find the Virtual Camp Adventure Collection with the weekly choice boards in our Destiny Discover under the Collections ribbon. 
The Collection by Destiny is located on each weeks choice board too. 
In the Virtual Camp Adventure Collection by Destiny, you will also find the Virtual Camp Adventure Capstone eBook Buncee's Board filled with each weeks Buncee of Capstone Interactive eBooks that go along with the weekly themes.  

You will find it here, along with the username and password to access all of the CI eBooks.   
I hope this is useful and something you will share with your students and school community. 

On September 1, I will be kicking off a new reading and learning adventure!  I can't wait to share it with all of you. 

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