Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The AASL Standards Crosswalks Are Here For The Future Ready Librarians Framework & ISTE Standards!

We had wonderful news from AASL today! 

I couldn't be more excited with this announcement and I know all of you will be too.  

The AASL Crosswalks for the Future Ready Librarian Framework and the ISTE Standards for Learners and Educators are here!  

Earlier this year, AASL brought together the AASL Standards Crosswalk Task Force to develop crosswalks between the AASL Standards, ISTE Standards and the Future Ready Librarian Framework.  
These join the Future Ready Librarians Framework and ISTE Standards for Educators Crosswalk that was released in June 2018 at the annual ISTE Conference in Chicago. 
ISTE teamed up with Follett and Future Ready Librarians to create a crosswalk showing the relationship between the FRL framework and the ISTE Standards for Educators.  

You will find the framework and other amazing information and resources on the new ISTE Librarian site that was also introduced at ISTE. 

Let me show you where you can find the AASL Crosswalks too. 
The AASL and Future Ready Librarian Crosswalk can be found here and....
....the AASL and ISTE Standards for Learners and Educators Crosswalk can be found here

This was such important work that this committee accomplished and I can't wait to see this put into motion within our library, school and others across the country.  
According to the announcement on the AASL site,  

A searchable, web-based crosswalk will follow, launching in 2019, allowing users to filter their results for collaborative planning. Plans also include professional learning resources to assist practitioners in developing their own local crosswalks as needed to supplement the national crosswalks created by the association.

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