Sunday, August 26, 2018

Picture Books for Social Emotional Learning

We love finding the perfect books for our teachers and students.  
When Amy Garrison, who teaches 3rd grade at Van Meter, wrote down that she would like books on mindset, gratitude, teamwork, etc..., I gathered a few books together from our collection in the library and dropped them off in her classroom.  

That night I started gathering more up on this Padlet.  There are so many wonderful books that fit into these different themes within social emotional learning.  
I have a column for Social Emotional Learning and then split it into different columns like Empathy, Gratitude, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness and Teamwork too.
And today, I made lots of updates to the SEL Padlet... by adding more columns and lots of new books to each. adding more columns and...
...lots of new books to each. 

You will find the Padlet for Picture Books for Social Emotional Learning here.

Let's keep adding to this over the summer and make it a special resource for all of us to use and share with others, including the families within our communities too. 

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