Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Don't Miss This For Your Makers! Read, Question and Think With The Questioneers & Andrea Beaty!

There is something very exciting just around the corner from my friend and amazing author Andrea Beaty and illustrator David Roberts...and of course three of our favorite makers, Ada, Rosie and Iggy! 
It is a brand new book series from Andrea and David, and a very special site called....
The Questioneers!  
On The Questioneers, you will find a special spot for Ada,
Rosie and...
These books are available on October 2, 2018 but until then there are a lot of things you can check out and do on the site!
There are places For Educators, 
with Posters
Social Graphics, 
Activities, Books, Videos, News, Educators and even Other Products but one of my FAVORITE parts of The Questioneers, 
....is the STEM Resource Generator that you will find under the For Educators tab.
I love how with the Stem Activity and Resource Generator teachers and students can choose grade level, activity types and career aspirations to....
 ...come up with amazing activities just for that specific maker or activity.
 The Generated Activities are awesome too!  Just check these out....

I cannot wait to get to know the new books for some of my favorite little makers and to bring them into our library and classroom this fall.  
As we are waiting for the big day on October 2, 2018, you can sign up at the bottom of any page on the site here

And as Andrea and David save on their site, 

Together, let’s inspire every budding architect, engineer, scientist, mathematician, and leader to always “Read. Question. Think.”—and never give up on their dreams. 

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