Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Standards For Collections Are Here!

As we start planning lessons, dreaming up projects and kicking off collaboration with others within our school and community, it is always exciting and helpful to learn of tools and tips to make this process the best it can be for a new year.  

Well, guess what?  Our friends at Follett released something today that is going to just that! 

It is called Standards for Collections and is going to do just that! 
We can now attach National and State Standards to any of our Collections by Destiny.  You will find Standards in the drop down menu in the left hand corner of a Collection. 

This will allow us to easily align Collections to locally used state and national standards which support our curriculum.  I love how handy this will be as a teacher librarian and teacher in our planning efforts and teaching, as well as when we collaborate and plan together throughout the year.  
As I worked on the Collections I am creating my teachers and students at Van Meter Community School in this Collection Set, I enjoyed being able to go to each and add which standards in each grade level fit. 

Let me show you show how I added Standards for Collections too!  

First, I clicked on Standards as I showed in the image above. 
Next, I clicked on the State, Iowa, and it brought up all of the standards associated with Iowa. 
I scrolled down to find the one I wanted to focus on within the Digital Storytelling Tools and Resources Collection. 
 I clicked on 21st Century Skills for 2nd grade....and then all elementary. 
I was then able to click on 21st Century Skills and look at all of the standards that fall in the categories or concept of Technology Literacy. 
As I clicked on the standards that I wanted associated with digital storytelling, they popped up as Attached Standards on the left hand side and....
...on the Collection itself towards the bottom on the left hand side.

You can see now under Standards all of the Technology Literacy standards that are included in this Collection. 
This new update also gives us the ability to discover other Collections aligned to a particular standard through a built-in search feature, which you will find at the top of the page.  

This is really going to come in handy too! 

I have lots of planning and collaborating coming up over the next couple of weeks with all of our teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade.  I am not only excited to share Collections by Destiny with all of them, I am really looking forward to showing them how Collections will help them with this step of their planning and teaching too.  

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