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Using Buncee for ISTE Student Standards, Updated For 2018 Buncee Additions!

I find ways to use Buncee everyday in the things I do with teacher librarians and educators.  In fact, today I used it with lots of Future Ready Librarians in Irving, Texas as we worked on the branding and marketing of our libraries, as well as a tool for empowering our future ready students. 

This fall, as I go back to the Van Meter Library as one of the K12 teacher librarians, I can't wait to integrate Buncee into the wonderful things that we do at Van Meter with all of our students too.  

As we all get ready to go back to school, my friends at Buncee and I decided it was time to update the amazing infographic we created, Using Buncee For ISTE Student Standards, that we introduced at the beginning of 2017.  We needed this update because there have been several special additions to Buncee including Buncee Boards, the Share With Me feature, Buncee Buddies and more.  

When you investigate the infographic and the ways Buncee ties to the ISTE Student Standards, you will find these changes and additions too.  

Not only did I want to share the newly updated infographic, I also thought it would be fun and relevant to share the original post and story behind this fantastic resource too.  

You will find it all here below....This was post in January 2017 on my blog, The Library Voice. 
At the ISTE Conference in Denver last summer, I was so excited when they put this poster in my hands as I walked through the front door.

It was a poster highlighting the revised ISTE Standards for Students.  At first glance, I could see that the 2016 revisions where focused on developing the lifelong learners of our libraries, classrooms and communities.

I couldn't wait to dive into these and take in every aspect of all seven of the standards for our students.
An article in Entrsekt, ISTE Standards Reboot by Jennifer Snelling, helped me understand the process and change within the updated standards even more.

"The 2016 ISTE Standards for Students emphasize the skills and qualities we want for students, enabling them to engage and thrive in a connected, digital world....The reward however, will be educators who skillfully mentor and inspire students to amplify learning with technology and challenge them to be agents of their own learning." 

You can read this quote and the entire article online.
I am very passionate about children being creative, engaged and loud about their learning.

I want to equip them with the skills and voice they need to become lifelong learners.  I also know, and have seen first hand, that technology paired with digital tools and resources can help our students get to this higher place of learning and connecting within themselves, others and the world.

One of the things I love most about the new standards are the way students are empowered to take ownership over their learning using a variety of digital tools, resources and technologies.

Just look at a few of the standards and how it ties into using digital tools and resources....
Empowered Learner is the first standard and it highlights so clearly the importance of using technology to take an active role in their learning success.
Creative Communicator is the sixth standard focusing on empowering students to express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.  
And the seventh standard, Global Collaborator, brings it all together as they share what they have learned through collaboration and globally connecting to others around the world.

You will find all seven of the 2016 ISTE Standards for Students on the ISTE website, along with lots of wonderful support materials for you and your students.

If we take a look at all of the digital tools and resources available to our students, it can be a bit overwhelming.  We ask ourselves questions such as, Will this tool support their creativity?  Will this tool globally connect them to others through collaboration and sharing publicly?  Will they be empowered to make choices and work towards their own goals using this digital tool?  
As I was learning and soaking up everything about the new standards, one digital tool that kept coming to mind was Buncee.  The definition they have posted says it all...

Buncee...a creation and presentation tool for students and educators to create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively.  

I could see right away how Buncee weaves itself into every single one the ISTE Standards for Students.  The collaboration, global connectively, creativity, communication and empowerment was there and I wanted to be able to explain this to others I worked with at conferences and within school districts.
So I went to my friend and colleague Meagan, who is the graphic designer at Buncee.  I told her my ideas and showed her the I Am A Digital Learner poster that was created around the new student standards.  It is exciting to think how our work will empower students as they take in the seven standards and main goal of each.
After lots of brainstorming, we decided it would be valuable to create a student poster of our own. One that would focus on how Buncee supports and meets each one of the ISTE Standards for Students.

So, we set off to do just that!
Meagan and I worked on integrating and overlapping the standards and Buncee for a few weeks.

Our goal was to create an infographic not only for students, but also for teacher librarians, educators, administrators and anyone to use and share.

And we are proud to share it with all of you today.  Here is....ISTE Standards For Students Using Buncee!  
This infographic not only highlights how Buncee supports and achieves each standard, it also gives all of us so many ideas on how to integrate Buncee into our students lives through projects, research, design, collaboration, learning, digital citizenship and more!

Please feel free to take this poster and make a copy for your library or classroom.  Put it up and see how these essential standards and skills will become part of the everyday conversation between you and your students.  

Just as Buncee will. 
Please visit the website to find out how Buncee can make an impact on your students too!   


2016 ISTE Standards for Students 2016, ©2016, ISTE® (International Society for Technology in Education), All rights reserved.

2016 ISTE Standards for Students 2018, ©2016, ISTE® (International Society for Technology in Education), All rights reserved.

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