Wednesday, August 22, 2018

What Your Teacher Librarian Can Do For You.... A Program & Ticket For A Successful Year!

This week kicked off a brand new school year at Van Meter as we learned with our administrators, teachers and friends. On Wednesday, we were given some time to connect with the teachers to share information about the library program.

As we prepared for this time together, I started thinking about all of the amazing ways that librarians on the Future Ready Librarian Facebook Page have shared.

I especially love....
the menus Charles Scardina, 
Kelsey Erin and...
James Allen created.  Not only were they filled with wonderful information, they were all so cool too!

Jessica and I started brainstorming and decided to put a little twist on ours.  We made it like a movie or production by starting it out with...

The Van Meter School Library Presents A Special New Feature During The 2018-19 School Year! 
We then split it into categories tying into thetheme.... Starring, Setting, Acts and Special Features.  And of course included all of us as Friendmoji's too.  

It was such a good exercise to sit down and put all of these skills and thoughts onto paper.  
And of course, while I did this, I had the Future Ready Librarian framework sitting right next to me so I could reference and tie it into the work we will do with our school community.  

Then I thought....

After we give them this program, we should create something to get them even more engaged in these ideas. How could we get them thinking about how they will use the information and put it into action to help them in their classroom and throughout their work too?  
We got it!  A ticket!  What a perfect tie in to the theme! 
As you can see on the ticket, we tied in the same theme and lots of the same verbiage as the program. 
They will even find a little ticket at the bottom of their flyer to encourage them to look for a ticket that....
..,,will encourage them to think about how we can help and write down their needs to give to us in our more way to get them into the library too.  
To go along with the movie theme, we attached microwave popcorn...
and the big boxes of movie popcorn with red and white yarn.
It was so much fun to put these together with the tickets.
We put all 70 of these little gifts into a big basket to bring with us.  
So, Wednesday was the day! 

The day that Jessica and I were going to kick off this awesome new partnership between us and with all of the teachers, students, administrators and families within our school community. The first impression we made on that day, will have a lasting impact all year long...and into the future.  
As we finished up meeting and talking with all of the secondary teachers, we made our way down to the elementary library where we had set up a special place for them to come in the afternoon.  
We put the little ticket packages and the What Your Teacher Librarian Can Do For You posters on each table where the teachers would be sitting.

As they arrived at the library, we spoke about all of the special things we can do as their teacher librarian and how we can work together all year long.
At the end of our time together, I was so happy to see our friend Amy give us this note.  

It worked!  

It was successful in bringing together communities in useful and special ways that will impact our students every single day.  


  1. I am so impressed by all your hard work to bring your staff into the library and on board with what teacher-librarians do/can do for the school. WOW! I am in the second week of my teacher librarian training and we are researching blogs, which brought me to yours. I confess, the bright infographic poster grabbed my attention amongst all the other blogs on my pinterest search page. I love the idea to get teachers' attention and involvement on the ticket, "This is how I can use your help". A fantastic, safe way for teachers to share. I will be interested to follow you and hear more ideas as I begin my journey from teacher to teacher-librarian. Do you have any favourite teacher-librarian-tech blogs that you subscribe to?

  2. I love this! would you be willing to share your template? I would love to reproduce this, if you are willing.