Friday, August 24, 2018

Let's All StickTogether With This Special Colorful, Collaborative, Community-Building Activity!

As we kick off a new year in our library, we added something very special that has brought a collaborative, colorful, community-building activity to our space and community.  
It is called StickTogether!  

They are sticker mosaic puzzle posters that are fun and an easy way to get everyone to work together.  This is just what our library needs as we kick off a brand new year together. 
By adding StickTogether to our first day, we were able to add one more thing that brought lots of opportunities for collaboration, talking, creating and having so much fun together.  
I loved watching the excitement around StickTogether unfold as the day went on. 
Our StickTogether gave our little friends a chance to reconnect on the first day back.  
Our StickTogether gave Jessica and....
...I a chance to get to know everyone we had for our elementary library classes.
And StickTogether gave our secondary students the perfect opportunity to sit down together and have some fun as they contributed to a beautiful sticker mosaic puzzle. 
StickTogether can be ordered from their site or from DEMCO.   
Everything that you need comes with the kits including the large poster, stickers, sticker key and of course, a picture of what the complete puzzle will look like.  
There are lots of wonderful designs....something for everyone. 

We are super excited because our StickTogether is a custom design!  They created one for us that consists of three large panels and will fit together when our students have completed all of them.  

Currently Custom StickTogethers are unavailable, but will be back and better than ever, very soon!  You can read more about this here. 

We saw during our first week back that StickTogether is perfect for all ages and for any space.  

This year let's all stick together with their special colorful, collaborative, community-building activity! 

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