Sunday, August 5, 2018

Picture Books That Connect With Our Making & Makers!

One of the best things about Makerspaces that we create and bring to our libraries, schools and communities is the fact that they can include so many amazing things and connect to the passions and interests of everyone.  Makerspaces not only support our makers in the their passions and interests, but we can find and offer dozens and dozens of ideas to connect to our mission, vision and curriculum for our school and within the library, classrooms and other subjects too. 

As we head into a new school year and prepare our Makerspaces for our students, teachers and school community, I have been thinking a lot about these passions, interests, visions, missions and all of the amazing things I have seen over the summer and throughout the year.  

One of my goals and personal interests this year has been searching for and gathering up all of the picture books, nonfiction books, biographies, graphic novels, chapter books and other literacy experiences I can find that fit into each one of these special Makerspace categories shown above.  
Not only have I gathered these resources together to use in our library and classrooms at Van Meter, I have also been dreaming up ideas on how to bring literacy to life through making with our students this year in each one of these Makerspace categories too.  
Last week, I shared these ideas with lots of teacher librarians and teachers in Texas, and this week I will share with new friends Hawaii and again in Texas too. 

As I get ready for another week of sharing, my friend Laura Sheneman mentioned how neat it would be to share all of these books and then see what others have used and found awesome for our makers too.  
Yes!  I love this idea and want to create a place to share and crowdsource even more ideas for using literacy within all of the different themes and activities that are found in Makerspaces. 

I have put together this new Padlet to gather even more ideas for tying in literacy to our Makerspaces.  
You will find the Padlet here. 

I have tried to think of all of the different categories we need, but please feel free to add more columns.
Please share what you have found, used and new ones as they come up too.

As we head into the a new year with our students at Van Meter, I can't wait to collaborate with all of our teachers to create amazing experiences for our students that bring together literacy, making and so much more. I know this will not only feed our students passions and interests, it will also spark new ones that will lead to a whole new world of making, learning, connecting and embracing of the maker and their voice within themselves too. 
Please share books that have inspired and connected with your makers...and you as a maker.  Feel free to add more columns of Makerspace topics too.  You will find the Padlet here, friends. 

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