Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gift Cards Make Shopping Follett Book Fairs Easy For All!

As we get ready for our three Follett Book Fairs during the 2018-19 school years, we are also gathering exciting and creative ideas on how to make them the biggest success at Van Meter. 
When I visit the Follett Book Fairs site, I get so excited with all of the resources to start planning our first book fair coming up in October.  One of the things I am most excited about is announcement of something very special, Follett Gift Cards!  

Follett Gift Cards provide a new way for parents, grandparents, or anyone to support a student’s love of reading. The gift cards can be purchased online and are designed for use at the student’s Follett Book Fair. In the event of leftover funds, Follett Gift Cards have no expiration date and can be easily redeemed at future Follett Book Fairs or on the storefront.
“It is awesome Follett is coming out with the gift cards as I love watching students find their perfect books at the book fair,” said Shannon Miller, teacher librarian at Van Meter (Iowa) Community School District, and Future Ready Librarian spokesperson. “These moments are what inspire our students and help capture their reading spirit. When families purchase Follett Gift Cards, students will be able to safely and easily purchase the books they find. I can’t wait for our school’s Follett Book Fair in October — sharing this new feature will be a big hit!”
Because of its existing partnerships with thousands of publishers, Follett Book Fairs are able to offer a vast selection of books for early education, elementary, and middle school students. Moreover, Follett encourages participating schools to select from specialty topics that add a customized flair aligning to their unique needs and demographics.

Thank you Follett.  We all love what you are bringing to our children and families at school and in their homes too through the Follett Book Fairs. 

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